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Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test

Achieving well in the GAMSAT exam can see a complete change in career and the attainment of interesting and challenging goals. Therefore, it is best not to leave your preparation to chance and to be confident and competent on the day!

Our tutors have experience in preparing for this exam and hone their methods based on the feedback from and progress of their students. We have had students from all backgrounds, including absolutely no science experience, who have effectively prepared for the exam so there are no limitations! A lot of students have so many preparation books but they are lacking some individual attention and motivation to get across the line.

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Section I: Reasoning in the Humanities and Social Sciences

GAMSAT Section I requires excellent interpretation skills to understand ideas presented in a variety of social and cultural contexts.

Our tutors can guide you in best test practices in order to respond to the different forms of stimuli in adequate time and also to prioritise towards your strengths.

Section II: Written Communication

This section of the GAMSAT tests your ability to convert ideas into a well-structured and logical written argument calling on both socio-cultural issues and personal or social ideas.

Our tutors have significant experience with assignment writing so can tailor your methods to achieve maximum results while assisting you to form ideas about topical and important issues.

Section III: Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

This component of the GAMSAT contains approximately 40% chemistry at a first year university level, 40% biology at a first year university level and 20% physics at a grade 12 high school level. As you can imagine, there is a lot to learn and sometimes it can seem overwhelming!

  • Chemistry

For chemistry, our tutors can help you to build up the essential core knowledge in order to be able to respond to the questions in a timely manner. Topics include mainly physical chemistry (rates, equilibrium, acids and bases etc) as well as organic chemistry (functional groups, naming, reactions) and biochemistry (mechanisms, resonance, functional groups, reactions, isomers, spectroscopy) which make up a large section of the exam.

  • Biology

The biology is more broad so we focus on having a good knowledge of cell biology (animal versus plant cells, membranes, genetics, respiration and photosynthesis) and the human biology systems (reproductive, endocrine, nervous etc) but interpretation of data is just as important.

  • Physics

The physics is more mathematical, so our tutors can work through formulas with you while explaining concepts of energy, time and space in order to be prepared for this technical section of the exam.


Call us Today on 1300 360 245 or contact us to find out more information

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