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The Use of the Apostrophe

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To a few, perhaps a very few, I am special but surely I am not unique. Was no-one else visually assaulted by Friday night’s Channel 2 news’ gaffe? There I was, after a very successful shopping afternoon ensconced on the sofa to view the happenings of the world when, on a screen behind the newsreader was an appalling sight. It read, “Gillards’s Bloodless Coup”. As yet Julia Gillard has not, to my knowledge, married her hairdresser so there should be only one Gillard, making it unnecessary for the usage of the plural of Gillard. Having established that only one ‘s’ is required the issue of the dreaded apostrophe arises. The rule of thumb that can generally be applied is that, in whatever situation, if in doubt then leave it out. Does Julia own the  -------? Well yes, she does according to the bulletin.  Consequently, it should be an apostrophe ‘s’. However, if I am mistaken and they are speaking of more than one Gillard then we can safely apply the s’ option for plural usage. But never – s’s.

It’s time a stand was taken for the much maligned apostrophe.  Please, stand with me and fight for the rights of the apostrophe.

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Gay Simpkins


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