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Graffiti – Now Literarily Assaulting

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Imagine, if you would, two young lovers strolling arm in arm along the water’s edge as the sun is setting. The horizon is awash with hues of pink and mauve while the water reflects nature’s grandeur in softer shades as the waves lap, lap against the sandy shore. This could easily have been the opening scene of a romantic movie but what is to come would certainly smother any smouldering notions of romance. The young man (and I certainly hope it is the male of the species as I can’t abide the notion of a female being thus literarily challenged) exhilarated by the atmosphere; he didn’t, I might add have to pay for; runs ahead and leaps on a sandbag groin. In the euphoria of the moment he pulls out his felt pen – one must never leave home without such a necessity; and proceeds to demonstrate his creative genius as he draws a ‘peace sign’.  At the confusion of his love at such a random act of eccentricity he then spells it out to her- ‘piece’.

Now, am I correct in assuming this young man should have paid more attention at school and has difficulty spelling or is this a cryptic message from a well-educated young man intent on other things?

It doesn’t matter where or how you go, you are obliged to notice the latest phenomenon of graffiti. Suburban commuting on the rail system provides the mandatory past time of reading ‘tags’ or whatever and it seems we can’t even escape it at the beach. What an interesting name they give to vandalism these days.  All the varied symbols, assorted meaningless and random combination of letters is supposed to demonstrate self-expression, making a stand and the snubbing of authority.  It is just such a shame that their viewing public is oblivious to the intent behind these rebellious statements. However, they do indeed attract attention to both the offence and the offender.

If only they had had some tutoring.  Perhaps then, the tags could be deciphered and the need for analysis lessened.

This has been a message from Grace's Mum

Thank you for reading.

Gay Simpkins


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