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Our Mission

Hi From Grace Simpkins,

Welcome to our website. At Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors we pride ourselves on delivering the very best personal tutoring available. We achieve this through our select number of personal tutors who excel in their chosen fields.

I personally have tutored in many different forms including individual, classroom and drop-in styles. It’s a great experience and has also been a major learning curve. Tutoring is not just about the transference of knowledge but rather about developing a rapport with the student and finding the best possible method to develop their understanding. I strongly believe that students learn in different ways and that the classroom environment is not always sufficient for effective understanding. This leads to the see, listen and do form of education, or officially, combining auditory, visual and kinaesthetic elements to the tutorial sessions. Therefore, it’s important when starting tuition to not just have a smart tutor but also have a tutor you can communicate with. Learn in a way that suits you!

Whilst tutoring after completing my PhD, I realised there was a large gap between what students wanted and what the tuition companies were offering - so I branched out to start servicing this area. What I found was students wanted someone with the personality and skills of a freelance tutor with the reliability of a company. The demand was significant and has led directly to the tutoring company we have now. A lot of companies take on a large number of tutors and marry students up based on geographical location. This causes a large tutor and student turnover and makes it impossible for tutors to build relationships with their student. We aim to always provide the best tutor for your learning requirements and to create a healthy partnership. This leads to our name ‘Personal Tutors’ rather than ‘Private Tutors’.

Our clients use tutoring for both consolidation of achievements and to improve marks. You can feel confident knowing our tutors are experienced and friendly and you can view their profiles for suitability before even contacting us.

Thank you for your interest in Grace Simpkins Personal tutors and the tuition services we offer. We’d love to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Dr Grace Simpkins [Bsc (Hons), PhD]

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